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Particular attention is paid on guaranteeing short supply chain products, so each of it is enhanced in its most natural way, without hiding the food but giving each dish a new life. Because only the deepest knowledge of the raw material allows us to create a menu capable of evoking refined flavours. Everything you are looking for in one of the best fish restaurants in Florence.

Our menù


Shrimp croquettes

  17,00 €

Seared sea bass carpaccio with green beans

  22,00 €

Courgette flowers with mozzarella and anchovies

  19,00 €

Steamed shrimps with panzanella salad

  19,00 €

Gillardeau oysters

  cad. 5,00 €

Tuna tartare with tomato and basil

  18,00 €

Sea bream tartare with celery and capers

  19,00 €

Raw fish gilthead sea bream tartare, scampi, red prawn and oyster

  35,00 €


Seafood spaghetti

  19,00 €

Testaroli pasta with basil pesto and calamari

  19,00 €

Tagliatelle con red shrimps and Tropea onion

  25,00 €

Linguine with lobster

  32,00 €

Main Courses

Seared tuna with porcini muchrooms

  20,00 €

Mixed fried fish and vegetables

  20,00 €

Warm seafood salad

  25,00 €

Sea bass steak with potatoes, cherry tomatoes and olives

  25,00 €

Steamed crustaceans

  kg 120,00 €

Salt crusted catch of the day with vegetables and mayonnaise (min. for two)

  kg 80,00 €

* Please inform our staff about an allergy and ask for the allergens menu.If fresh products are unavailable, we will use high quality frozen products.
We need to advise you regarding the presence of allergens. Due to the type of restaurant and the kind of building, it can never be guaranteed that a dish is completely free from any allergens.

Degustation Menù

Minimum for 2

  each 70 ,00 €

Tuna and sea bream tartare


Seared sea bass carpaccio with green beans


Steamed shrimps with panzanella salad


Courgette flowers with mozzarella and anchovies


Seafood spaghetti


Baked scampi




Wine, water and bar

Glass of white or red wine

  6,00 €

Glass of spumante

  8,00 €

Glass of Champagne

  12,00 €

Bottle of water

  3,00 €


  2,00 €


  3,00 €

· Refined ingredients ·

The true flavour of fresh fish!

Every day the authentic taste of fresh fish is enhanced by the ingredients of this territory, a liaison of innovation and tradition. Treat yourself a breeze in the delightful gastronomic panorama of the city of Florence.